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It's the Season 5 Premiere — and we do literally nothing out of the ordinary. This week, Ryan and Brian discuss pedanticism and pedantacy, bask in the glory of original lyrics, and rely on the barnacle to teach all the lessons of life.


  • Intro
  • Viewer Mail
    • Matt Kelly - Baseball
    • Steve Smith - Next Door Comics, Word Sweep, Movies
    • Peter Gordon - The word "bunter"
    • Lawrence Denes - Puzzle recommendations
    • Amanda Yesnowitz - Movies, song parody, iambic octameter, Numbers are Numbers
    • Annie Ross - Origin of XOP
  • The Barnacle
    • Proper rhymes
    • "Idioms are like barnacles on the ship of language"
    • Changes in language
    • "Hone in on" vs. "home in on"
  • The Oracle
    • Television - That's Incredible, Real People, Fran Tarkenton
  • Clubs
  • Contest of Now
    • Then: Squeeze Play, winner: Rachel Fabi (sp?)
    • Visit with Katja Brinck
    • Now: Personal Banking from the NPL
  • Thunder Round

Puzzles Reviewed[]

People Mentioned[]

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