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Puzzle Title Constructors Size
Warm-up Twinlets Brian Cimmet 11x11
1 Let the Games Begin! Paolo Pasco 23x13
2 Crossword De-cat-hlon C.C. Burnikel 15x15
3 Gym Playlist Erik Agard 15x15
4 New Biathlons Francis Heaney 18x17
5 Stick the Landing joon pahk 19x19
Finals Expess and Local Finals Mike Nothnagel and Doug Peterson 15x15
Tiebreaker Themeless Mini Brian Cimmet 11x11

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Express Division Edit

  1. Andy Kravis
  2. Glen Ryan
  3. Eric Maddy

Local Division Edit

  1. Simon McAndrews
  2. Matthew Gritzmacher
  3. Sara Nies

Pairs Division Edit

  1. Michael Sharp and Penelope Harper
  2. Neville Fogarty and "C" Fogarty
  3. Julian Ochrymowych and Marcia Hearst

Rookie Division Edit

  1. Matthew Gritzmacher
  2. Jack Lafleur
  3. Frank Firke

At Home Division Edit

  1. David Plotkin
  2. Anne Ellison
  3. Jordan Chodorow

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Full results spreadsheet

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