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Puzzle Title Constructors Size
Warm-up Twinlets Brian Cimmet 11x11
1 Let the Games Begin! Paolo Pasco 23x13
2 Crossword De-cat-hlon C.C. Burnikel 15x15
3 Gym Playlist Erik Agard 15x15
4 New Biathlons Francis Heaney 18x17
5 Stick the Landing joon pahk 19x19
Finals Expess and Local Finals Mike Nothnagel and Doug Peterson 15x15
Tiebreaker Themeless Mini Brian Cimmet 11x11


Express Division[]

  1. Andy Kravis
  2. Glen Ryan
  3. Eric Maddy

Local Division[]

  1. Simon McAndrews
  2. Matthew Gritzmacher
  3. Sara Nies

Pairs Division[]

  1. Michael Sharp and Penelope Harper
  2. Neville Fogarty and "C" Fogarty
  3. Julian Ochrymowych and Marcia Hearst

Rookie Division[]

  1. Matthew Gritzmacher
  2. Jack Lafleur
  3. Frank Firke

At Home Division[]

  1. David Plotkin
  2. Anne Ellison
  3. Jordan Chodorow

Full Results[]

Full results spreadsheet