Fill Me In Wiki

Many people associated with the show (either as correspondents or as social acquaintances of Ryan and Brian) are referenced with assorted nicknames. Some of the nicknames have little or nothing to do with anything factual or relevant about the person. Frequently heard nicknames include:

  • Mike Nothnagel, Pen Pal Extraordinaire and Constructor of the Friday Puzzle (and the Oracle)
  • joon pahk, Squirrel of Discord (and the Oracle)
  • Doug Peterson, Crossword Gentleman and Man About Town
  • Amanda Yesnowitz, the Unparalleled Parallel Verse Engineer, a Shining Light to Us All
  • Tyler Hinman, [insert kickass nickname here]
  • Andrea Carla Michaels ... Does she have a nickname? ... Not yet.
  • Peter Gordon, Sextuple Threat; The Commissioner
  • Vic "The Gavel" Fleming
  • Ben Zimmer, The Barnacle