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Overview Edit

Episode 136, entitled "The Podcast of Then", was intended as the conclusion of the series. At the time of that show's release (March 13, 2011), there was no indication from either host that there would be any future to Fill Me In.

Highlights Edit

  • Includes 43 episodes which started on March 9, 2010, and ended March 13, 2011.
  • First episode recorded in a moving car (Brian's Honda Fit)
  • Episode 100 celebrates FMI tons of special content, including suprise guest appearances by famed lyric soprano Rosanna Nler and Thor
  • The Be More Smarter logo by Patrick Merrill
  • Episodes begin in which Ryan and Brian aren't in the same studio
  • Lollapuzzoola 2
  • Interview with XOP
  • The final episode (136) of the first run of FMI airs

Episodes Edit

Num Date Title Synopsis
94 3/9/2010 Season Three Premiere! (or, “What in the world is ‘zambezi and oat’?”) It’s the start of a new podcast season, and we are back with new and old segments alike
95 3/16/2010 This is the gloaming. One exhausted host and one not-yet-awake host attempt to present thirty-five minutes of humor. Hilarity ensues.
96 3/23/2010 Release the Kraken! Our pronunciation is kept in check, but Ryan still doesn’t know the past tense of “babysit.”
97 3/30/2010 The most ginormous thirty-eight minutes you’ll ever hear. We cheat a bit and use old material without telling you. Only about six seconds, but still
98 4/6/2010 Pump up and air out. A tribute to sneakers we wore almost 20 years ago is somehow enough of a thing to make it into the title.
99 4/13/2010 Ease on down, ease on down the road. It’s our first travelling episode as we record the show from Brian’s car. We might sound a little like our heads are in a toilet, but we promise, it’s just a Honda Fit.
100 4/20/2010 Lifetime! This show has everything. Regular segments, special guests, oddball sound effects, poetry written just for us — it’s maybe the greatest episode of the greatest podcast in the history of everything. Lifetime!
101 5/4/2010 Does it involve running? We’ve got a new logo, so let the branding begin.
102 5/11/2010 One step below adequacy. What the episode title lacks in specificity is exceeded only by what the episode itself lacks in content. It’s fun, yes. Crossword-y? Not this time.
103 5/18/2010 No tangents… Go! In an effort to make up for last week’s uselessness, Brian talks really fast, and it kinda freaks Ryan out a bit.
104 5/25/2010 Now my new fork has fallen. It’s that Season Three surge, where the two main characters begin to fail in their relationship. Where will this lead?
105 6/1/2010 My baton is more legitimate than yours. The arguments continue, and the irreconcilable differences in puzzle practice are… well, kind of irreconcilable.
106 6/8/2010 Happy birthday, Solomon of “The Stare.” Quality over content. Also, Brian’s nephew turns two.
107 6/15/2010 The drug of the puzzle world is the “a-ha moment.” We learn about puzzle hunts and Winston Breen, courtesy of an interview with Eric Berlin.
108 6/22/2010 Featuring “Jag On A Hank” — unplugged. Ryan sings in this episode. A few times.
109 7/6/2010 In case you ever wondered what would happen if Ryan wasn’t available… Brian’s in Maine. Ryan’s on vacation. Not a single conversation happens between them. It’s really horrible. Enjoy!
110 7/13/2010 Your extrapolation is not my failure. Well, it’s better than last time. We’re still 300 miles apart, but now the internet works again.
111 7/20/2010 Insalvagable. Together again, together forever. Or at least, for 40 minutes.
112 7/27/2010 Context, no context. We’re renaissance men. Musical instruments and poetry — what else did you expect?
113 8/3/2010 Would you please take the vuvuzela home and practice? Big news is afoot. We’d suggest that you listen to find out — but if you’re reading this, you probably either already know or never cared. 
114 8/10/2010 ROFLCOPTER — Franklin’s stealing third! It’s our annual pre-Lollapuzzoola episode. Typically, this means we have no useful content (because we’re frantically preparing for the ‘zoola), but it also means we’re weirder than usual (same parenthetical reason).
115 8/17/2010 A complete success, for the most part. With the exception of an inexplicable and unstoppable chirping, Lollapuzzoola seemed to happen, more or less.
116 9/7/2010 Pickles sings! It’s been a three-week hiatus, but we haven’t been cancelled, contrary to everything CBS says about us.
117 9/14/2010 Pick one — baldness or dementia. Writing this little blurb three months after airing the episode, we have no idea what this one is about.
118 9/21/2010 An acronym of an anagram. This week, we’ve got contests, emails, Ryan lying about things he’s said. The usual.
119 9/28/2010 Office hours are on Wednesday afternoon. Come visit Brian in Syracuse. But sign up first, so he doesn’t go home early and forget about you.
120 10/12/2010 Gression. The times, they are a-stayin’ like they’ve always been.
121 10/19/2010 In which we reune with Studio A. Big things happened this week, but we didn’t participate in any of it. But we were in the same room again for the first time in two months, so that was celebratory. For us.
122 10/26/2010 We’re throwing muffins in the kitchen. This week, things are triple-checked, double-crossed and the whole show is one singular sensation.
123 11/3/2010 It’s the all-vowel show (including the enwah). A day late an a dollar short. Except we don’t even make that much on this show.
124 11/9/2010 We are experts in Ramen noodles. Ramen is pre-cooked in a ton of fat and oil. Did you know that? One of us did not.
124 11/16/2010 We’ve figured out how hereditation works. Pie and ice cream taste great together, but that doesn’t make them inseparable. Also, more things Brian doesn’t know about pie. 
126 11/23/2010 “Alphabological and Others” by Pat Sajak. Ryan has a singing face. And pie and ice cream co-exist on a plate. Photographic evidence exists.
127 11/30/2010 Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. Our first interview in ages! It’s Brian’s father, Xop, and he has a lot to say.
128 12/14/2010 A power of two. Mercifully, “What Brian Doesn’t Know About Lettuce” was cut before release.
129 12/27/2010 Inuktitut Syllabics. Brian doesn’t know the difference between Monday and Tuesday. Also, freaky dreams infect our audience.
130 1/4/2011 Fifty-three Fridays. Recaps! News! The future! All we need now is something interesting to talk about.
131 1/11/2011 Palindrome! Our Motto: ottoM ruO.
132 1/25/2011 Is there something in your box that you didn’t order? Being busy and being away from home are two separate concepts yielding two separate results.
133 2/7/2011 How did you learn about the word ‘plethora’? Is anyone out there?
134 2/10/2011 I have done zero preparation for this episode. Pre-production means jack.
135 2/27/2011 Have a goat. Wednesday is Wednesday, even if the podcast is up 14 hours late.
136 3/13/2011 The podcast of then. Some have said it’s the end of an era. We think it’s just something we decided not to do anymore.
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