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On April 7, 2015, following encouragement from fans and friends, Ryan and Brian reunited for a single episode. The strongest encouragement came from Eric Peterson and Jeffrey Krasnick, both long-time followers of the show, who created a tribute site for Fill Me In at In this episode, Ryan and Brian began by pretending no time had passed since their last episode (from March 13, 2011), but after a bit, abandoned the ruse, and treated the rest of the show like a "Where Are They Now?" special.


  • Features one very special episode released on April 7, 2015, triggered by both the insistence of friends as well as the creation of the Fill Me In Again fan site.


Num Date Title Synopsis
137 4/7/2015 The Coincidence of Language. Hi Eric and Jeffrey, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I was talking with Ryan Hecht the other day, and we were both so honored by your FILL ME IN website. In fact, we were so moved, we created a small surprise for you. Well, not very small. It’s about 109 minutes long.