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Num Date Title Synopsis
208 8/27/2019 Is it possible to lose sight of the ball through the camouflage of one’s hat? It's the Season 5 Premiere — and we do literally nothing out of the ordinary. This week, Ryan and Brian discuss pedanticism and pedantacy, bask in the glory of original lyrics, and rely on the barnacle to teach all the lessons of life.
209 9/3/2019 It seems like we’re living in a hellscape. This week, Ryan and Brian discuss the culture of pathogens, the availability of acrostics, and the nostalgia of soda. Also, while we'd love to tell you that this week's episode is as brief as last week's episode, we cannot, for we would be lying.
210 9/10/2019 The Song about the Curry This week, Ryan and Brian go for a different sort of thunder, get input from listeners about sudoku and acrostics, and once again explain why Ryan needs to stop hating on Yu Darvish.
211 9/17/2019 72 minutes of fun, say This week, Ryan and Brian play music by skip a segment, get voicemail but don't talk about it, and try to figure out why two antisocial dorks host a podcast. Also, this episode includes nostalgia.
212 9/24/2019 I bet Sam Donaldson keeps his awards This week, Ryan and Brian welcome a new Centuplicate, support a worthy charity, and learn some Greek.
213 10/1/2019 A gorilla is one example of many things that are large This week, Ryan and Brian experience clear weather, get nostalgic about fast food, and celebrate the engagement of long-time listeners Amanda Yesnowitz and Brendan McGrady -- by interviewing them!
214 10/8/2019 Adages are weak This week, Ryan and Brian celebrate their show ranking in the top one thousand podcasts about games, even though there might be little to no value to the list. Also, Ryan solves the Lollapuzzoola puzzles, and Brian finds satisfaction with an explanation of ", say" clues.
215 10/15/2019 I won't make you the password This week, Brian censors the viewer mail bag, and Ryan tries desperately not to display his utter hysteria about questionable baseball decisions. The Barnacle tells us about arse vs. ass (and offers more on that topic here). All that plus Utica greens, dental work, and a brand new Contest of Now, which can be found at
216 11/5/2019 ? We're back! We missed you. This week, Brian and Ryan deal with a Vox puzzle they don't like, a lunch club they wish existed, and a self-contradictory website about structural starch (
217 11/12/2019 Somehow, Ryan and Brian talk about food and don't mention sandwiches or soup. This alternate timeline is weird. (Also, we edited half the show and then ran out of time, so stuff might be broken. Let us know!)
218 11/19/2019
219 11/26/2019
227 1/21/2020
228 1/28/2020
229 2/4/2020
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231 2/18/2020
232 2/25/2020
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