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Since we launched our celebrated podcast in the spring of 2008, a number of people have stated with great pride that they have listened to every episode. We have decided to give these people an acknowledgment of sorts, and that acknowledgment is this page. We call it The Pantheon of Compleatists.

The criteria for membership in the Pantheon is twofold:

  • Fold One: You have listened to all the episodes
  • Fold Two: You update this page to tell us that you have listened to all the episodes.

If you'd like to join the Pantheon of Compleatists, here's how to listen:

Now there’s a slight problem here. If after, say, eighty episodes, you were to tell us that you have listened to everything, that’s all well and good. But if you quit after episode 80, what do we do? The criteria is somewhat revised with each new episode we launch.

Therefore, we started the list of people, and put a number after their name. That number is the last episode each person said they listened to.

If you’re still listening, edit this wiki page to reflect your updated status in the Pantheon. (And if you don’t update this page, your lower number will remain as a notice to others that you abandoned us.)

We used to maintain this page for you, based upon you telling us what the last episode you listened to was. Now that this list has been moved to a wiki page, it's up to you to maintain the list on your own (or to convince someone to maintain it for you).

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Jeffrey "Crosscan" Krasnick 1 415 200 137
Bruce Sutphin 341 138
Eric Peterson 446 165
Peter Gordon 450
Matt Gritzmacher 430 338
Jeff Talbott 1 198
Joon Pahk 173
Matt Matera 212
Michael Marcus 305
Doug Peterson 125
Dan Feyer 122
Todd McClary 121
Amanda Yesnowitz 1 121
Mike Nothnagel 105
Kevin Ashworth 102
Nicole Hersh 102
Sammy the Dentist 1 100 100 100
Jared Hersh 100
Keith Robert Murray 100
Vic Fleming 99
Miguel 94
Mother of Dan Feyer 91
Thomas Love 91
Patrick Blindauer 2 ?
Alison Cimmet 2 ?
Christopher Ross 422
  1. Original Compleatist
  2. Might be a Compleatist but isn't sure

Also, please note — the spelling C-O-M-P-L-E-A-T-I-S-T is a rather recent development.