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This week, Ryan and Brian go for a different sort of thunder, get input from listeners about sudoku and acrostics, and once again explain why Ryan needs to stop hating on Yu Darvish.


  • Intro
    • Next Door Comics
    • Musical Theater - A Chorus Line
    • Food
  • Viewer Mail
    • Joel Johnson - Old episodes
    • Eric Peterson - The wiki!
    • Amanda Yesnowitz - XOP, DCHFILY, "bloggist," parody songs, Food
    • Katja Brinck - Sudoku, the Impossible Whopper
  • Other puzzles
    • NYT web app for acrostics
    • Dave Murchie crosswords - Monday Fills
    • Is there acrostic constructor software?
    • Mr. Falafel
  • No clubs this week!
  • Contest of Now
    • Then: Personal Banking, winner: Jeff Eddings
    • Now: Even more Personal Banking
    • Password: DARVISH
  • Thunder Round
  • Comic strips

Puzzles Reviewed[]

People Mentioned[]

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